“Business is our Beat”
杏吧原创 delivers insider information , engages newsmakers and addresses statewide issues that drive Arizona toward a brighter and more prosperous future. Our team will focus on topics important to the business community and tell the real story about Arizona through our digital media platforms.
As our tagline states, Business is our Beat and we are dedicated to providing bottom-line news from across the state.



Here at 杏吧原创, we are committed to:

  • Seeking and reporting in a truthful way
  • Being honest in the way we gather, report and present news
  • Seeking to gain understanding of the communities, individuals and issues we cover to provide an informed account of activities
  • Holding factual information in editorials and other opinion pieces to the same standards of accuracy as news stories
  • Weighing the credibility of the source, value and accuracy of information provided in content created outside of CBN
  • Seeking solutions and exposing problems and wrongdoing in order to effect change for the good in the communities we serve
  • Reflecting and encouraging understanding of the diverse segments of our community
  • Promoting understanding of complex issues
  • Encouraging and promoting views that foster understanding, insight and civil discourse
  • Acting honorably and ethically when dealing with news sources, the public and our colleagues
  • Obeying the law
  • Observing standards of decency
  • Using technological tools with skill and thoughtfulness, avoiding approaches that skew facts, distort reality, or sensationalize events
  • Not plagiarize or fabricate information

杏吧原创 is a project of the Arizona Chamber Foundation in partnership with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

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